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Delta High-end Servo System ASDA-A3

More Responsive, Better Accuracy and Remarkable Robust Control

To meet the requirements of the motion control market for industrial manufacturing machines, Delta presents a new High-end AC Servo System, the ASDA-A3 Series, with features such as multi-functionality, high-performance, energy-efficiency, and compact design. With auto-tuning and a user-friendly interface for system analysis, the ASDA-A3 Series provides 3.1kHz of bandwidth and employs a 24-bit absolute type encoder, creating advantages that include high response, precise locating, and stable and flexible performance. In addition, the series has added new functions such as vibration suppression, system diagnosis, and a shared DC-bus design which can regenerate energy. Delta’s AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series offers a comprehensive technology and solution to help our customers enhance their machine’s precision and achieve excellent performance.

Cutting-Edge Specifications

  • 3.1 kHz bandwidth
  • 24-bit absolute type encoder
  • Advanced Motion Control
  • Comprehensive Auto-Tuning Functions
  • Excellent Vibration Suppression
  • System Diagnosis Function
  • Multi-axis DC-bus Sharing Design
  • Intuitive Software Interface
  • Slim and Compact Size Servo Drives and Motors
  • High speed motor with 6,000 r/min and 350 % peak torque
  • Motor with high or low inertia rotor
  • Low cogging torque motors
  • Supports a variety of servo motors
  • Full-closed loop control


Machine tool, precise carving machine, gantry processing, TFT LCD cutting machine, IC packaging machine, assembly / inspection machine for electronics, industrial robot, packaging machine, labeling machine, semiconductor machine, textile machine

Model Number Rated Output Power Input Voltage & Phase Continuous Output Current (Arms) Instantaneous Maximum Output Current (Arms)
Delta ASD-A3-0121-L0.1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase0.93.54
Delta ASD-A3-0221-L0.2220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase1.557.07
Delta ASD-A3-0421-L0.4220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase2.6510.61
Delta ASD-A3-0721-L0.75220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase5.121.21
Delta ASD-A3-1021-L1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase7.324.75
Delta ASD-A3-1521-L1.5220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase8.335.36
Delta ASD-A3-2023-L2220V 3-Phase13.453.03
Delta ASD-A3-3023-L3220V 3-Phase19.470.71
Delta ASD-A3-0121-M0.1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase0.93.54
Delta ASD-A3-0221-M0.2220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase1.557.07
Delta ASD-A3-0421-M0.4220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase2.6510.61
Delta ASD-A3-0721-M0.75220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase5.121.21
Delta ASD-A3-1021-M1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase7.324.75
Delta ASD-A3-1521-M1.5220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase8.335.36
Delta ASD-A3-2023-M2220V 3-Phase13.453.03
Delta ASD-A3-3023-M3220V 3-Phase19.470.71
Delta ASD-A3-0121-F0.1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase0.93.54
Delta ASD-A3-0221-F0.2220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase1.557.07
Delta ASD-A3-0421-F0.4220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase2.6510.61
Delta ASD-A3-0721-F0.75220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase5.121.21
Delta ASD-A3-1021-F1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase7.324.75
Delta ASD-A3-1521-F1.5220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase8.335.36
Delta ASD-A3-2023-F2220V 3-Phase13.453.03
Delta ASD-A3-3023-F3220V 3-Phase19.470.71
Delta ASD-A3-0121-E0.1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase0.93.54
Delta ASD-A3-0221-E0.2220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase1.557.07
Delta ASD-A3-0421-E0.4220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase2.6510.61
Delta ASD-A3-0721-E0.75220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase5.121.21
Delta ASD-A3-1021-E1220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase7.324.75
Delta ASD-A3-1521-E1.5220V 1-Phase / 3-Phase8.335.36
Delta ASD-A3-2023-E2220V 3-Phase13.453.03
Delta ASD-A3-3023-E3220V 3-Phase19.470.71
Model Number Rated Output Power Input Voltage & Phase Continuous Output Current (Arms) Instantaneous Maximum Output Current (Arms)