Delta ASD-B2-1521-B B2 Servo Drive


  • Series: B2 Servo Drive
  • 1500 Watts
  • 220 Volts Input
  • 1/3 Phase (PH)
  • 8.3 Arms Output Current


Model Name ASD-B2-1521-B B2
Series B2 Servo Drive
Phase 1/3 PH
Voltage 220 VAC
Rated Output Power 1.5 KW
Continuous Output Current 8.3 Arms
Instant Max Output Current 24.90 Arms


Catalog Delta ASDA B2 Servo Drive Catalog
Users Manual Delta ASDA B2 Servo Drive Users Manual


The high-performance, cost-effective ASDA-B2 Series servo motors and drives meet the requirements for general-purpose machine control applications in the industrial automation market and enhance the competitive advantage of servo systems.

Features Include

Implements High Precision Positioning Control
► ASDA-B2 Series servo drive supports 20-bit and 17-bit encoders. It satisfies the demand for high-precision positioning control and stable operation with lower speed.
► Applying the encoder with a higher resolution can reduce the cogging torque and improve the motor’s precision.

Satisfies a Variety of Industry Requirements
► Three control modes available: Built-in position, Speed, and Torque. (Speed and Torque mode can be controlled by internal parameters or analog voltage.)
► High-speed differential command (up to 4Mpps) for high precision positioning control.

Offers Easy-To-Install Solution For Simple Start-Up
► Servo motor provides brake, oil seal, and other optional configurations for different applications.
► Separated power supply for main circuit and control circuit makes it easier to maintain the mechanism.

Fulfills Easy-To-Use Requirements For Versatile Operation
► ASDA-Soft configuration software (tuning software) is provided to meet performance requirements quickly.
► Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and enables users to directly monitor the servo drive and servo motor.