ASDA-A/A+ Legacy

The Delta ASDA-A / A+ Series Servo Drives are legacy motion control equipment from Delta.

The Delta A series is an Omni bearing integrated servo system with advanced functions. Not only pulse commands and analog voltage signal control, the A series also provides internal point-to-point position control mode (8 internal programmable registers) and offers various internal control functions such as: indexing, feed step control function, internal auto-running control mode, and move to Home function, etc. for a vast range of applications. In addition, the Delta A series implements Modbus communication protocol as a standard, to perfectly meet the requirements of motion control applications for multiple points. The Delta A series servo system provides a better solution for industrial processing machinery and motion control equipment.

Similar to the A-Series Servo drives, the Delta A+ series servo drives are new type of omnibearing integrated servo system with advanced functions that is able to combine with medium / high servo motors from 3kW to 7.5kW ( torque output from 19.1 N-M to 47.74 N-M).

The Delta A+ series is equipped with incremental 20-bit (1280000 ppr) optical encoder, providing more accurate positioning control for high-precision processing industries or the machine applications where high responsiveness and stiffness is needed to reject high torque disturbances.

The Delta A and AB series provide a complete servo product line (from 100W to 7.5kW) to fully support specific customer requirements and offer various options for high torque applications.

Delta ASDA-A / A+ Applications:
The Delta A Series are ideally used for Cutting control of machining center, rotary indexing machine, sealing machine, shearing machine, feeding machine, carving machine, lathe, high-speed winding machine, testing / inspecting Machine, cutting machine, SMT machine, molding machine.

The Delta A+ Series servo drives on the other hand are especially used for Spring machine, bending machine, bending press, feeding machines, electric injection molding machine, double column type machining center, presses machine.

Delta ASDA-A Servo Drive and Servo Motor combinations:

Delta ASDA-A+ Servo Drive and Servo Motor combinations:

Delta ASDA-A / A+ Documentation:

Technical documentation for Delta ASDA-A / A+ is available for download from the links provided below:

Delta ASDA-A PDF User Manual
Delta ASDA-A Catalog
Delta ASDA-A Datasheet
Delta ASDA-A+ PDF User Manual
Delta ASDA-A+ Catalog
Delta ASDA-A+ Datasheet

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