ASDA-AB Legacy

The Delta AB Series Servo Drive is a high-performance digital servo system with advanced functions and supports various motor options including low, medium and high inertia servo motors to meet different application needs. The Delta AB Series offer many motion control functionalities for a wide range of industry and machine applications, as well as provided in the A series. In addition, the AB series implements Modbus communication protocol as a standard, to connect with Delta’s programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI), and establish the advanced architecture of the communication control system. Major applications include a vast range of machine tools and processing machines for various industries.

Delta ASDA-AB Specifications:
– A wide power range: from 100W to 1.5kW, 1-phase or 3-phase; from 2kW to 3kW, 3-phase
– Input power supply: from 100W to 400W, AC 100V ~ 115V; from 100W to 3kW, AC 200V ~ 230V
– Frequency characteristics (Responsiveness): 450Hz
– Incremental 2500ppr optical encoder
– Built-in Position / Speed / Torque control modes
– 8 internal programmable registers (point-to-point position control)
– Various internal control functions for a vast range of applications (as A series)
– Different inertia motors, from 1000 r/min to 3000 r/min are connectable.
– Brake, oil seal, etc. motor options are available for different kinds of application fileds.
– Modbus communication protocol is supported as standard. Communication Interface: RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422

Delta ASDA-AB Applications:
The Delta ASDA-AB servo drives are ideally used in Cutter/Turret control of machine tool, X-Y table control, sealing machine, feeding machine, carving machine, lathe, high-speed winding machine, cutting applications, and textile equipment.

Delta ASDA-AB Servo Drive and Servo Motor combinations:

Delta ASDA-AB Documentations:
Technical documentations for Delta ASDA-AB are available for download such as, Delta ASDA-AB manual, catalog and datasheets.

Delta ASDA-AB Manual
Delta ASDA-AB Catalog
Delta ASDA-AB Datasheet

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