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Delta ECMA-C21020SS ECMA-B2 Servo Motor


  • Series: ECMA-B2 Servo Motor
  • 2000 Watts
  • 220 Volts Input
  • 17 Bit Resolution
  • With Brake


Model Name ECMA-C21020SS
Series ECMA-B2 Low Inertia Series
Phase 1/3 PH
Voltage 220 VAC
Rated Output Power 2 kW
Continuous Output Current 12.05 Arms
Instant Max Output Current 36.15 Arms


Catalog Delta ASDA B2 Servo Drive Catalog
Users Manual Delta ASDA B2 Servo Drive Users Manual


The high-performance, cost-effective ASDA-B2 Series servo motors and drives meet the requirements for general-purpose machine control applications in the industrial automation market and enhance the competitive advantage of servo systems.

Features Include

Implements High Precision Positioning Control
► ASDA-B2 Series servo drive supports 20-bit and 17-bit encoders. It satisfies the demand for high-precision positioning control and stable operation with lower speed.
► Applying the encoder with a higher resolution can reduce the cogging torque and improve the motor’s precision.

Satisfies a Variety of Industry Requirements
► Three control modes available: Built-in position, Speed, and Torque. (Speed and Torque mode can be controlled by internal parameters or analog voltage.)
► High-speed differential command (up to 4Mpps) for high precision positioning control.

Offers Easy-To-Install Solution For Simple Start-Up
► Servo motor provides brake, oil seal, and other optional configurations for different applications.
► Separated power supply for main circuit and control circuit makes it easier to maintain the mechanism.

Fulfills Easy-To-Use Requirements For Versatile Operation
► ASDA-Soft configuration software (tuning software) is provided to meet performance requirements quickly.
► Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and enables users to directly monitor the servo drive and servo motor.