Delta KPE-LE02 VFD Accessories

  • Standard Keypad
  • Compatible with VFD-E Series
The Delta VFD-E Series has reached its EOL (End of Life) and is being discontinued as well as its accessories and options. We recommend you switch to the Delta MS300 Series or contact us at 800-985-6929 for more information.

Keypads: Delta drives come equipped with LED keypads that allow the user to modify, monitor and change settings and parameters with just a touch of the finger.  This easy to use step-by-step navigational tool allows you to display an array of data options.  All the VFD series drives come with a standard keypad except the VFD-E series in which the keypad is optional.  Delta recommends the VFD-PU06 LED keypad with memory when you need to copy programs from one drive to another.

KPE-LE02 Optional Keypad for VFD-E drive