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Delta EME-A22A Analog I/O Card

  • Analog Input Card
  • Compatible with VFD-E Series
The Delta VFD-E Series has reached its EOL (End of Life) and is being discontinued as well as its accessories and options. We recommend you switch to the Delta MS300 Series or contact us at 800-985-6929 for more information.

Screw torque of terminal: 5kgf-cm (max.)
Wire gauge: 14~24 AWG(2.1 ~ 0.2 mm2)
If the extension card is installed on the AC motor drive, AC motor drive will detect the extension card automatically, and it can also use the parameter Group 12 for setting. In case there is no extension card installation, the parameters only have Group 0 ~ Group 10 for setting. Please refer to manual CH.5 for detail parameter settings. Environment (Please use this product indoor with no dust, corrosive gas and liquid .)

Input voltage range:0 ~ 10VDC =0 ~ Max. output frequency(Pr.01.00)
Input impedance:100KΩ
Resolution:12 bitsInput current range:DC 0 ~ 20mA=0 ~ Max. output frequency (Pr.01.00)
Input impedance:250Ω
Resolution:12 bits
Input voltage range:DC 0 ~ 10V
Input impedance:1K ~ 2MΩ
Resolution:12 bitsInput current range:DC 0 ~ 20mA
Input impedance:0 ~ 500Ω
Resolution:12 bits
ACM Analog control signal common terminal