Inverter & VFDs - FAQ

General Inverter Questions

Yes you can single phase into a 3 phase drive input. But this lowers the size of the motor the VFD can drive. A rule of thumb is to double the FLA (Full Load Amperage) of the motor and compare to the drive specifications. For example of you have a motor with an FLA of 5 Amps then your VFD maximum amperage must be 10 Amps.

The technical guides of each VFD will usually have a wiring guide for this type of installation.

First, look up the error code in the manual for your model here, Manuals, and follow the instructions there. Error codes can be caused by faulty wiring, issues with the VFD, or bad configuration. As a last resort you can reset the VFD to factory settings. If this does not help you will most likely have to replace the VFD.

  1. Identify the model number of your drive by checking the tag on the side of the drive.
  2. Search our website for that model number.
  3. On the drive page we list the Delta recommended replacement for that drive if it is no longer available.

Note: If you are unable to identify the model number of your current drive or find that model on our website please see this question – How do I find the correct drive for my application? Or you can always Contact Us

  1. The VFD-B is replaced by the MS300 for smaller drives and the C2000 for larger drives.
  2. The VFD-S is replaced by the MS300.
  3. The VFD-M is replaced by the MS300 or VFD-EL.
  4. The VFD-L is replaced by the MS300 or VFD-EL.
  5. The VFD-VE is replaced bye the C2000 except for high speed wind/unwind applications when it is replaced by the MH300.

Note: In all situations the drive footprint will change so verify that the new drive dimensions will fit within your enclosure. Also the parameters and wiring layouts change.

This is not a comprehensive guide for selecting a drive, but here are a few quick ways to narrow down which drive will work for you:

  1. Check the FLA(Full Load Amperage) on the motor the VFD will drive. The VFD you select will need to have an equal or higher rated Amps.
  2. How will you supply power to the drive – Single or Three Phase and what is your main power supply voltage. Make sure the VFD is compatible with the phase and voltage.
  3. Operating environment – temperature, moisture, and dust. Does your VFD need protection or have to operate in certain areas? Make sure the VFD specs such as heat dissipation and IP Level are compatible with the environment.

Note: Still need help? Contact Us

In general, yes. Delta has an extensive line of drives that meet most needs. 

Need help with the crossover? Contact Us

Yes, The Delta E series that have P at the end of the model number are cold plate drives. Cold plates are limited to the E series drives with the A frame size. Cold plates are not offered on the MS300, C2000, or any other series drive.

Drives available:

Delta VFD002E11P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD002E21P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD004E11P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD004E21P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD004E43P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD007E21P VFD-E Series Drive

Delta VFD007E43P VFD-E Series Drive


This depends on the drive model.

  • MS300, ME300, MH300 Series – Yes, Connecting a USB will power the board and allow programming.
  • C2000 or CP2000 – You will first need a CMC-BPS01 card then you can apply 24v DC to program the drive without the main power being connected.
  • Other drives – Check the manual to see if that drive has a built in USB port for programming, if so it can be powered by the USB port. If not check the drive manual to see if it supports the CMC-BPS01 card, and if it does you can program it without the main power supply.



The majority of Delta drives have an RFI jumper that needs to be removed so that in case of events like phase to ground, the drives do not overload and blow up. You can find the location of the RFI jumper in the technical manual for your drive.

No, you must use the manuals to look up the parameters and manually enter them.

MS300 Questions

  1. Press on MODE until you see FRD and press ENTER
  2. Change it to 00, press on the down arrow button because usually it would show 02. The press ENTER
  3. You want it to display 00.02, so go up twice by pressing the up arrow then ENTER. Change the 0 to 10 for 60 HZ, or 9 for 50 HZ then ENTER. It will show End then shows “d”. That’s it!
  1. Go to MODE as per below then press enter
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Press ENTER again and change 00.00 to 00.20
  4. Press ENTER again, then select 7 then press ENTER again.

The MS300 drive’s standard keypad is KPMS-LE01, but you can also use KPC-CC01 with MS300 or C2000 drive if you like.
For KPC-CC01, you need a standard off the shelf, Ethernet CAT5 straight cable between KPC-CC01 and drive’s RJ45 port.
Also, remember to set the following parameters on the MS300 to communicate with the KPC-CC01:

  • 09-01 to 19.2
  • 09-04 to 13

Note: There is no manual for the KPC-CC01. Please refer to the MD300 and C2000 manuals for details on using this keypad.

VFD-S -> MS300
+10V -> +10V
M0 -> MI1
M1 -> MI2
M2 -> MI3
M3 -> MI4
M4 -> MI5

Place a jumper between ACM and DCM on the MS300

Servo - FAQ

As of the summer of 2023 – Yes ASDA-B3 and A3 models are starting to become available in limited numbers. Please call or contact us to check availability.

There are two replacement motors that can work with the ASD-B2-0421-B servo drive that will mount and up fit and form in place of the ECMA-C30804E7:
ECMA-C10804R7 or ECMA-C20804R7 the “R” can be replaced by an “E”, “P” or a “G”.
Also the I/O interface (CN1) on the B2 –B is not the same as the older B-series you called out. Some rewiring has to be done. So it’s better to get a Full Screw terminal brake out. THIS WILL NOT BE “PLUG-AND-PLAY” Parameters will need adjusting.

Motor and feedback cable connector ends (servo drive side) are different so these cables must be ordered too.
ASDBCAEN0005 – Encoder FB cable 5M
ASDBCAPW0205 – Motor power Cable 5M
ASD-MDDS4444 – I/O (CN1 screw Terminal I/F)

Panels - FAQ

Replacements and how to program them below.

  • DOP-B07E415 replacement is the DOP-107EG
  • DOP-AS38BSTD replacement is the DOP-103WQ
  • DOP-A57GSTD replacement is the DOP-107EG
However, the DOP100s (new versions) do not have Function keys.  These will need to be programed in to standard soft keys using Dopsoft4. Also, you will need the upload and download password for the HMI from the OEM that the panel is used with.
Tools needed:
  1. USB to serial converter (9-Pin RS-232).  Because modern PCs do not have the USB driver for the HMI.
  2. Null Modem
  3. The Password to upload and download the HMI project – Machine OEM must provide this.
  4. Delta’s Screen editor software.  This software we will need to provide, it is no longer downloadable.
  5. Delta’s DOPsoft4 
Dopsoft4 can open the *.DOP file, the same type that DOP-A uses as created in Delta’s Screen editor software.
Entry into the HMI’s system and force selection of COM1 (in the HMI) will be required to make that serial port unloadable and downloadable.  See appendix C of the DOP-A/Screen editor HMI manual: 
Upload the project: 
  1. Check that the serial communicating parameters in the PC  for that serial port (USB to serial converter) match the settings in the HMI (also available via the system under “settings.”)
  2. Start the upload from the file menu of Delta’s Screen Editor software – this is where the password is needed.
Save the project:
  1. This file save the project to the PC as the *.DOP.
  2. Open the project (*.DOP) in DOPsoft4 for loading onto the DOP100. 
  3. Load the project onto your new DOP100
A USB connection can be used for this step, the driver is available via DOPsoft4 “Environment” dialog.

PLC and Accessories - FAQ

The replacement part for the DTD4848R0 is the DTB4848RR.