Delta VFD1850CH43A-00 VFD-CH2000 Series Drive

  • Series: CH2000
  • 250 HP
  • 185 KW
  • 370 A
  • 460 V
  • Input 3 PH


Model Name VFD1850CH43A-00
Series CH2000 Series
Input Voltage – Phase 460 V- 3 Phase
Motor Power Range 185 KW – 250 HP – 370 A
Weight 305 lbs
Dimensions 20 in (W) x 40 in (H) x 16in (D)



Catalog Delta CH2000 Series Catalog
Users Manual Delta CH2000 Series Users Manual


The CH2000 Series is designed with a high tolerance for critical environments, especially for heavy load applications. Featuring outstanding controls for all fields and system performance improvements, the CH2000 Series offers exceptional quality and comprehensive services.

Features Include:

High Performance
Large starting torque | High overload capability | Super heavy duty setting

Modular Design
Hot pluggable LCD keypad | I/O extension card options | PG card options | Network cards for fieldbus modules

Flexible Applications
Control modes for speed, torque, position and synchronous control | Built-in PLC functions | Excellent 4-quadrant torque control and limit | Noise reduction operation

Adaptability to Critical Environments
50ºC operating temperature | Built-in DC reactor | Coated circuit boards |