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AutomatedPT offers a comprehensive inventory of Delta Electronics Products.
We stock Delta AC drives, servo controllers and motors, panels, and controllers.
Delta drives are microprocessor-based motor drives, widely used to control speed of industrial AC motors.
Delta AC drives also significantly reduces energy consumption as the intelligent electronic circuitry of every Delta drive may be linked to certain parameters that control the startup and shutdown of a Delta VFD unit.
Help our customers identify the correct replacement drive
We list legacy Delta variable frequency drives with the recommended replacement to make it easy to identify the right drive.
Serve the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world
Makes us your one-stop-shop for Delta VFD products as our inventory includes Delta Drive accessories for both active and legacy products.
Identify the right variable speed drives for an application
We have the experts to identify the right variable speed drives for applications in oil and gas operations, the food industry, chemical, mining, bottling and filling plants, as well as textile plants, printing, HVAC, and water treatment plants, just to name just a few industries.

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