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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Accessories
Delta Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Accessories are optional components that enhance the performance and capability of any Delta PLC family such as AS300, DVP-ES, DVP-SA, DVP-SX, DVP-SV, DVP-SE, DVP-SS, DVP-SA, DVP-SX, DVP-SV, DVP-SE, DVP-SS, DVP-SA, DVP-SX, DVP-SV, DVP-SE, DVP-EH, and DVP-ES. Any PLC products manufactured by Delta are functional however, specific plant requirements may require installation of one or more PLC accessories. PLC Accessories include Power supply module, Input and Output modules, specialty modules, communication modules, Programming or communication cables and converters.

We provide all Delta AC Drives, VFD’s, Delta AC Servo Motors, Delta Rotary Optical Encoders, Delta Motion Control Network, Delta Programmable Logic Controller, Delta Human Machine Interfaces, Delta Text Panels, Delta Temperature Controllers, Delta Industrial Fieldbus Solutions, Delta Pressure Sensor, Delta Brushless DC Motors as well as Delta Brushless DC Drives.

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  • DOP HMI Accessories
  • 8-pin male mini-DIN connector in
  • Male DB9 connector (3M) PLC


  • DOP HMI Accessories
  • USB Type-B in
  • USB Type-A (3M)