Delta CMM-COP02 CANopen Option Card

  • Compatible with Delta VFD MS-300
  • Complies with CiA 402 standard
  • 4 sets of RX/TX PDO
  • Supports Delta protocol, DMCNET
  • Dual communication ports

CANopen Option Card
► Complies with CiA 402 standard (default setting)
► 4 sets of RX/TX PDO
► Dual communication ports
► Node address and Baud rate can be set in
the AC motor drive
► Supports Delta protocol, DMCNET
► Supports remote I/O function

Network protocol: CANopen
Interface:  RJ-45
Transmission speed: 1Mbps / 500 Kbps / 250 Kbps / 125 Kbps / 100 Kbps / 50 Kbps
Number of ports: 2
Transmission method: PDO, SDO Transmission cable Delta standard
Transmission distance: 25m/1Mbps

Manuals and Specifications

Catalog Delta VFD-MS300 Series Catalog
Users Manual Delta VFD-MS300 Users Manual

To correctly use the communication cards, you must purchase the communication card along with the connection cables. Check your communication card models first. Then, select your applicable connection cables according to the mounting positions by different frames. Two cable length are available for your choice. See below to select your applicable communication card cables.



MS/MH300 Communication Card Connection Cable for CMM-xxx02 Frames A and B


MS/MH300 Communication Card Connection Cable for CMM-xxx02 Frames C, D ,E, and F