Delta DTA4848V0 DTA Controller

  • DTA Controller
  • Output 1-Voltage pulse 14V
    Max 40mA
  • Output 2- Relay 250V 5A
  • Power Supply- 100-240V
This product is no longer manufactured or sold. The Delta recommended replacement is the DTB4824VR controller. Please check the dimensions and specifications on the replacement controller page or contact us at 800-985-6929 to confirm the replacement will work for your application.


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Delta Temperature Controller DTA Series


DTA series is designed for practical applications with 3 most-frequently adopted signal outputs in the industry and is built-in with various handy functions and transmission structure, ensuring fast and stable transmission of data.


PID / On-Off/ manual input control modes
Auto-tuning PID parameters
Various thermocouple (B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, TXK) and platinum RTD (PT100, JPT100) can be set by parameters
Built-in 2 groups of alarm switches with 13 alarm modes each
Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
2 key lock functions: (1. lock all keys; 2. lock only function key, up/down keys are still workable)
Panel size: 4848, 4896, 9648, 7272, 9696
Optional RS-485 communication interface (Modbus ASCII, RTU, baud rate: 2,400 ~ 38,400)
Optional CT (wire braking detection) function, an alarm output
Sampling time of sensor: 0.5 second/time
Certifications: IP5X protection, CE, UL


Blower coil pipe in central air-conditioning system, heating system.

Manuals and Specifications: