Delta ECMA-L11875R3 ECMA-A2 Servo Motor


  • Series: ECMA-A2 Servo Motor
  • 7500 Watts
  • 400 Volts Input
  • 20 Bit Resolution
  • No Brake


Model Name ECMA-L11875R3
Series ECMA-A2 Medium-High Inertia Series
Output Power 7.5 KW
Torque 47.74 N-m
Voltage 400 VAC
Phase 3 PH
Continuous Output Current 27.3 Arms
Instant Max Output Current 68.3 Arms


Catalog Delta ASDA A2 Servo Drive Catalog
Users Manual Delta ASDA A2 Servo Drive Catalog Users Manual


To meet the demanding requirements of motion control applications in industrial automation and satisfy the needs of high-precision positioning control requested by machine designers and system integrators, Delta launched the high-performance motion control ASDA-A2 series servo motors and servo drives in 2009.

Features Include

High Precision Control
ECMA series servo motors feature incremental encoder with 20-bit resolution (1280000 pulses/revolution). Existing functions to meet the requirements from delicate process have been enhanced. Stable rotation at low speed has also been achieved.

Superlative Vibration Suppression
Built-in automatic low-frequency vibration suppression (for crane control): two vibration suppression filters are provided to minimize the vibration at machine edges automatically and sufficiently.

Flexible Internal Position Mode (Pr Mode)
ASDA-A2-Soft configuration software provides internal parameter editing function for defining the path of each axis freely.

Unique Built-in Electronic Cam (E-CAM)
Up to 720 E-CAM points.
Smooth interpolation between points can be completed automatically to yield a flexible programming.