Delta EMC-D42A I/O Extension Card 4I/2O

  • I/O Extension Card 4I/2O
  • Compatible with C2000, CP2000 Series

EMC-D42A I/O Extension Card 4I/2O; VFD-C, CP

Terminals Descriptions
COM Common for multi-function input terminals
Select SINK (NPN) / SOURCE (PNP) in J1 jumper / external power supply
MI10 ~ MI13 Refer to Pr. 02-26 ~ Pr. 02-29 to program the multi-function inputs MI10 ~ MI13
Internal power is applied from terminal E24: +24 VDC ± 5% 200 mA, 5 W
External power +24 VDC: max. voltage 30 VDC, min. voltage 19 VDC, 30 W
ON: the activation current is 6.5 mA; OFF: leakage current tolerance is 10 μA
MO10 ~ MO11 Multi-function output terminals (photocoupler)
Duty-cycle: 50%; Max. output frequency: 100 Hz
Max. current: 50 mA; Max. voltage: 48 VDC
MXM Common for multi-function output terminals MO10, MO11 (photocoupler)
Max. 48 VDC 50 mA