Delta EMC-PG01H I/O & Relay card

  • I/O & Relay card
  • Extension card for 2-point analog input / output



Output voltage for power: +5 V / +8 V ± 5% (use FSW1 to switch +5 V / +8 V)
Max. output current: 200 mA

Common for power and signal

A+, A-, B+, B-, R+, R-
Encoder Incremental differential signal input terminals
Max. input frequency : 600 kHz

C+, C-, D+, D-
Encoder Absolute differential signal input terminals


A2, A2 , B2, B2
Pulse-train signal input terminals (Line Driver or Open Collector)
Open collector input: +5V ~ +24V(Note1)
1-phase or 2-phase input; Max. input frequency: 300 kHz


AO,  ̄A ̄O, BO,  ̄B ̄O, ZO,  ̄Z ̄O, SG
PG card output signals terminals
Division frequency function: 1 ~ 255 times
Max. output voltage for Line driver: 5 VDC
Max. output current: 15 mA
Max. output frequency: 600 kHz ± 5%
SG: The GND of PG card is the same as the host controller or PLC, so a common
output signal is attained.