Delta VFD022EL21W(-1) VFD-EL-W Series

  • Series: EL-W
  • 2 HP
  • 2.2 KW
  • 11 A
  • 230 V
  • Input: 1 PH


Model Name VFD022EL21W(-1)
Series VFD-EL-W Series
Input Voltage – Phase 230 V – 1 Phase
Motor Power Range 2.2 KW – 3 HP –  11A
Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 in (W) x 3.5 in (H) x 6.85 in (D)


Catalog Delta EL-W Series Catalog
Users Manual Delta EL-W Series Users Manual


Delta’s VFD-EL-W series is the new generation compact vector control drive. Simple, delicate and durable design inherits Delta’s superior drive technology.

Various essential functions are built-in as standard, including: Multi-step Operation; Torque Compensation; PID Control; Multi-Pump Control; Water Supply at Constant Pressure; Leakage Detection function and so on.

Features Include:

Simple Speed Control
Horizontal Movement
Fixed Load Applications

Safety and Reliability
150 % / 60 secs overload capability | Energy-saving | CE certification

Easy Maintenance
Natural cooling | Fan Cooling

Complete Functions
Single / multi-pump control: constant pressure mode & alternative operation | Built-in PID feedback control | Protection: overload, over voltage / over current stall prevention