Delta ASD-A3-0221-E Servo Drive

  • Series: A3 Servo Drive
  • 200 Watts
  • 220 Volts Input
  • 1/3 Phase (PH)
  • 1.55 Arms Output Current


Model Name ASD-A3-0221-E
Series A3 Servo Drive
Phase 1/3 PH
Voltage 220 VAC
Rated Output Power 0.2 kW
Continuous Output Current (Arms) 1.55 Arms
Instantaneous Max Output Current 7.07 Arms
Model Type PR Mode, EtherCAT, Full-Closed Loop Control, E-Cam, STO


Catalog Delta ASDA A3 Servo Drive Catalog
Users Manual Delta ASDA A3 Servo Drive Catalog Users Manual


ASDA-A3 series is Delta’s newest generation servo system drive. This improves upon the ASDA-A2 seriew with finer grain control and better accuracy. The A3 drives are compatible with both A3 and A2 motors.

Features Include

  • 3.1 kHz Bandwith
  • 24-bit encoder
  • 6000 r/min motor support
  • Closed loop status control
  • Software supporting vibration suppression, auto-tuning, system diagnosis
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • DC Bus Sharing
  • Smaller drive and motors compared to A2