Delta VFD001L11A VFD-L Series Drive

  • Series: VFD-L
  • 0.1 HP
  • 0.1 KW
  • 120 V
  • 0.8 A
  • Input: 1 PH
This product is no longer manufactured or sold. The Delta recommended replacement is the VFD1A6MS11ANSAA drive. Please check the dimensions and specifications on the replacement drive page or contact us at 800-985-6929 to confirm the replacement will work for your application.

Replacement Drive

Sub-fractional low cost AC Drive. Specifically designed for low horsepower applications with built-in EMI filter to efficiently reduce electromagnetic interference and to conform to the CE EMI directive.

Delta VFD001L11A – Compact and Panel-Installation Drives

Delta Products
AC Drives, VFD-L Series

MFG # VFD001L11A
Series VFD-L

Drive, AC, 0.1HP, 120V, 1PH, 0.8A, CT

Item Number: VFD001L11A
Manufacturer: Delta Products
Item Category: Drives
Subcategory: AC
Series: VFD-L
Nominal Input VAC: 120 Volts AC
HP (CT): 0.1 Horsepower
Amps (CT): 0.8 Amps
Input Phase: 1
Operator Controls: Built In
Max. Frequency: 400 Hertz
Braking Type: DC Injection
Motor Control-Max Level: V/Hz (Scalar)
Closed Loop: No
AC Line Regenerative?: No
Dynamic Braking Trans?: Not Available
Frame Size: A1
Mounting: Panel
Height: 3.94 Inches
Width: 2.36 Inches
Depth: 5.34 Inches
H x W x D (in.): 3.94 x 2.36 x 5.34

Click on the links below to see Drawings and Specs:

Delta VFD-L-User-Manual

Delta VFD-L-Catalog

Delta VFD-L-A-PD01 Spec Sheet

Delta Bypass Panels play an important role in a system to reduce energy usage,optimize AC motor speed control, extend motor life, and reduce overall cost. The bypass capabilities allow the motor to be operated from either the Delta VFD or at full speed, directly across the line. The Delta Bypass Panel sets a benchmark for cost, performance, quality, and custom engineered bypass panels. Delta offers both the standard bypass panel, or our custom engineered panel to fulfill all your specification requirements.